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Fayyad فیاض

Sexual Practices and Marital Affairs: The Fatwas of Grand Ayatullah Fayyad

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatullah Muhammad Ishaq Fayyad has answered some questions about contraception and abortion of  illegitimate fetus. It is best for believers to refer to their own religious reference to receive the legal decision on their affairs.


Question: What is the decree of having sexual intercourse with different legal wives at the same time and the same place, while they are not dressed and are able to see each other?

Answer: It is not allowed.


Question: Is the man allowed to insert artificial penis or some fruits into his wife’s vagina with her consent? What is the ruling if he suffers from impotence and has to use such tools to satisfy his wife?

Answer: In the assumption of the question, although the above-mentioned act is not against religious rulings, but the priority is to leave it.


Question: Because of my sexual problems, I ejaculate too soon while I’m having sexual intercourse with my wife, and most of the time my wife is left dissatisfied, and I’m afraid that our relationship will lead to separation or divorce. Am I allowed to watch stimulating photos or videos along with my wife in private and in order to resolve my frigidity?

Answer: You may refer to a physician for your problems. Watching sexually explicit movies is not permissible.


Question: Is there a problem with kissing or licking the wife’s private parts?

Answer: No.


Question: If a woman, with her husband’s permission, works outside her home and receives her salary, then is her spouse permitted to take the possession of her money without her consent?

Answer: The man does not have the right to seize the property of her wife without her consent.


Question: If my fiancé tells me that I can’t go to my sister’s house because he thinks it’s not in my interest, should I obey him?

Answer: Such an order from your fiancé does not have any religious authority.



Translation: SHAFAQNA

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