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Moheb Ali: Iraqis are looking for improving their position in Arab world

SHAFAQNA – The future of Iraqi government probably will not be strong and stable, according to a former Iranian diplomat, who also believes the Iraqis are looking for improving their position in the Arab world and the Arab union and also their relationships with their Arab neighbors to show more balanced behavior in the region.

“Iraq’s parlimentary elections have two remarkable aspects; firstly no group has an absolute majority and Secondly the number of participants has fallen in comparison with the previous election periods. The reason of the decline in Iraqi people’s interest in politicians and participation in the elections should be addresseed”, Qassem Moheb Ali, the Former Director of the Middle East Department of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs said to Shafaqna.

“This fact that no group has won an absolute majority shows that there is no political group in Iraq that can form a government without agreement with other groups and attract public opinion”, he said,” it seems a process has begun in Iraq to gain popularity for groups with Iraqi and Arab trends than religious groups or groups with specific trends toward Iran or the United States or others”.

According to Moheb Ali, current situation shows that if political coalition under the leadership of Moqtada al-Sadr, which has earned the greatest share in the parliament, wants to form a government, it should make an alliance with groups such as Ayad Allawi, Heidar al-Abadi and even a group assigned to Hakim. In this case, political coalition under the leadership of Moqtada al-Sadr may have a chance to form a government. Similarly, the opposing groups must make coalition with several other groups so that they may have a chance to form a government.

Source: Shafaqna Persian


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