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EXCLUSIVE – Yemeni family appeals for mercy – Turned away by Jordan

SHAFAQNA – The family of Mohammad Haytham Al Junaid in Yemen has called on foreign powers to hear the plight of thousands of Yemenis as Saudi Arabia and its coalition continue their military campaign.
In exclusive comments to Shafaqna, Hanan, Mohammad Al Junad’s daughter explained how her father who suffers from a heart condition was turned away in Amman and forced to return to Yemen following a harrowing wait of several hours in Amman’s airport tarmak.
“Although my father was only transiting through Amman, he and other Yemeni nationals were turned away by the authorities and told they would not be allowed to enter the airport ground. The Jordanian authorities made my father wait under the sun for hours without even providing a glass of water. When he asked to be allowed to get some medicine from his luggage he was told to be quiet!.Not only is this illegal but it is inhumane. To have people, sick and elderly people treated as if they were animals … criminals is utterly disgusting. THe Yemeni poeple have been treated with such contempt by Arab regional powers that I personally don’t even know how officials can even look themselves in the mirror anymore,” said Hanan
Al Junaid was forcibly returned to Yemen where he will be unable to receive the medical attention he requires. As Yemen is being pounded from the air, Jordan saw fit to return a sick man to a war zone, knowing fully well he would be put in harm’s way.
Thousands of Yemenis find themselves prisoners within the borders of their own country, unable to escape a war which has already claimed over a thousand lives.
“The Saudis have done more than just destroy our nation. They have poisoned the entire region, turned Muslim nations against each other … This is despicable. We should all be helping each other. My father will likely die unless he is treated and his death will on Saudi Arabia and Jordan,” slammed Hanan.
Hanan added, “The real reason we were turned away is because we are Shia. Several well-connected Yemenis were allowed into Jordan … us Shia are clearly not welcome into Jordan anymore. If this is what Saudi Arabia is bringing to the region I want no part of it. We might die in Yemen but at least our hearts remain clean. I can’t say the same of the kingdom.”

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