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USA called Bahrain government to release Shaikh Ali Salman

SHAFAQNA – The detention of Shaikh Ali Salman led to widespread protests across the Bahrain Kingdom, which has been criticized by rights groups and governments alike, including Washington.  

Washington has called upon the government of Bahrain to release the Shia opposition leader Ali Salman, who was arrested in 2014, The new khalij reported on Friday.

According to Middle East Monitor, although Salman was sentenced to four years in prison at the time, this was later increased to nine years.

The US call came hours after the Shia leader was acquitted by a Bahraini court on Thursday of “carrying out hostile acts inside the kingdom and receiving money from a foreign state in return for passing military secrets.”

According to Shaikh Maytham Salman of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, “Shaikh Ali Salman was acquitted of the charges for which he had been detained since last November.”

Salman’s detention led to widespread protests across the Kingdom, which has been criticised by rights groups and governments alike, including Washington, which is a close ally.

Bahrain has been witnessing protests by its Shia citizens since February 2011. They want a change to the system of governance, from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy.


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