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Guinness World Records launches Arabic website for MENA applicants

SHAFAQNA – Guinness World Records has seen the number of applicants from the MENA region increase by 283% since it opened its first office in the UAE in 2012. In this regard, Global authority on record breaking launches Arabic website to cater to increasing regional applicants.

To cater to the applicants, the global authority on record-breaking is launching a dedicated Arabic platform to serve audiences in the region, Arabian Business reported.

The number of world records held by the Middle East currently stands at 602, but the new website is expected to boost numbers by providing users with a guide on how to attempt a record, while encouraging fans to set records of their own.

“Setting a Guinness World Records title is not only about brand advocacy or personal endeavours, but it is also about building national pride, pursuing excellence, engaging audiences, celebrating great moments, sharing goodwill and harnessing creativity,” said country manager Talal Omar.

The Arabic language website will also showcase the company’s bespoke consultancy services for brands and businesses, enabling them to better understand services and programmes.

Some of the Middle East’s Guinness records include the tallest man-made structure on land, the highest fireworks on a building, the longest line of photographs, the largest carpet of flowers, the fastest time to climb the Burj Khalifa unassisted, the largest marble cake and the largest aluminium sculpture.

Guinness was first published in 1955, with its annual books having sold over 141 million copies in over 20 languages and in more than 100 countries.


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