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Pakistani march in favour of Zionist Saud Regime: The friendship between hunter and the bear..

SHAFAQNA – Does the friendship between Islam and the ones who march in favour of Al-Saud in Pakistan resemble the friendship between the hunter and the bear? Mevlana tells: One day as the snake surrounded bear’s throat, the hunter saw them and kills the snake. Then the bear and the hunter become close friends. People who see them warn and say: Friendship with a bear might result in bad. The hunter supposes that they are jealous of their friendship and bear’s service so he ignores their words. The bear was serving well and cleaning the place where the hunter stays from insects. One day a mosquito comes when the hunter was sleeping. The bear tries to hunt it but it again comes on the hunter. Then the bear gets angry and brings a huge rock. When it sees the mosquito on the head of the hunter, he hits the rock on the mosquito and smashes the head of the hunter. In conclusion, the famous proverb says ‘No friend from bears’ So are our Pakistani brothers aware of their betrayal to Islam in the name of protecting Islam with their support to Saud? Is our friendship with Islam ignorantly or consciously?

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