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Islamic world should follow India Muslim for peace: Dargah Ajmer

SHAFAQNA – Dargah Dewan of Ajmer, Syed Abedin Ali Khan has urged the Islamic world to follow Indian Muslims for living in peace and concord. While presenting his annual message during Urs in Ajmer, Dewan expressed concern over the growing sectarian violence in many Islamic nations. 

“The manner in which Shia and Sunni Muslims or Barelvis and Tablighis are living in peace in India has no match in the world,” said Dewan Sahab. He attributed the cohesiveness among different sects of Muslims to the Indian constitution, which has granted every individual all possible right to practice its rituals and traditions responsible for this unmatched harmony. 

He stated that at a time when Shias and Sunnis killing each other in countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh and Afganistan, Indian Muslims which constitute the second-largest Muslim community in the world bears no such trouble. 

“The level of hatred in these nations is such that they are not sparing Sufi shrines, mosques and places. It always pained us read stories on how during Muharram sectarian violence takes hundreds of lives in countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. India is the only nation where both Sunni and Shia observe Muharram together,” said Dewan, while addressing to the heads of various Sufi Shrines. 

What could be more enthralling is that in Ajmer both Sunni and Shia community are living in public security and harmony for last 800 years, said Dewan. Does any of the Islamic have such a clean record? Asked Dewan.

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