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Pope and Christian leaders gather to pray for peace in the Middle East

SHAFAQNA– As war continues to threaten the Middle East, Pope Francis traveled to the southern Italian Adriatic port city of Bari, and dialogue with leaders of Catholic and Orthodox Christians and invites them to pray for peace in the Middle East.

According to La Croix International, The call for peace in the Middle East rose in the skies of Bari like a flock of doves.

“There is no real alternative to peacemaking!” insisted Pope Francis from the basilica of St. Nicholas, a saint traditionally deeply venerated by Christians in the Middle East.

The pope had summoned leaders of churches from the Middle East for an ecumenical prayer and reflection meeting for a region split by war.

Surrounded by patriarchs from several denominations, Pope Francis did not mince his words in condemning all those responsible for the conflicts in the Middle East, sparing no one.


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