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Intensive Course on Shia Studies Planned in Vienna Austria

SHAFAQNA – IQNA : Iran’s University of Religions and Denominations is organizing a Shia Studies course in Vienna, Austria.

With its experience of organizing six intensive international courses on Shia Studies in the holy city of Qom and attracting more than a hundred participants from 42 countries, this will be the first such course held outside Iran in collaboration with Iman Academy.

It is slated for August 1-5.

The intensive Course endeavors to enhance scholarly attention to Shia Islam and offer an original and insightful understanding of its doctrines, practices and social approaches.

Combining the classical Shia thought and the current political, social, and religious concerns of Shia society, the Shia Intensive Course aims to offer a scholarly Shia perspective on traditional and contemporary issues that affect Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Benefitting from the best professors of Qom’s Islamic Seminary and Iran’s universities, this course will provide the chance for participants to develop their skills and knowledge, expand their international experience, and study unique and interesting subjects on Shiism in Iran in a dialogue-centered and academic environment.

The program is accredited by the University of Religions and Denominations (Qom, Iran).

Participants will attend 26 hours of lectures and discussion presented in English, and will receive an official certificate at the end of the course upon the successful participation.

Course topics include: Shiism, Clergy and Contemporary Iran; Sources of Shia Islamic Thought; Shia Principles of Belief (doctrines of Imamate & Mahdaviat); Shia Mystical and Moral System; Shia Sociology (rites and rituals); Shia Political Thought; Shia Religious Authority, Jurisprudence and Laws; and Women and Family according to Shia Islam.


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