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Interview: Prominent Shiite and Sunni leaders can control the crisis in Iraq

SHAFAQNA – It seems that the particular atmosphere currently dominating Iraq in terms of security and politics is affected by several internal and external factors. Dr. Kiumars Yazdan Panah, an international affairs expert in an interview with SHAFAQNA, discussed the different factors of people’s demonstration in Iraq.

“Naturally, the crisis that has arisen in Iraq especially in the southern region of the country and in provinces like Najaf, Dhi Qar, Basra and Nasiriyah, shows the accumulated dissatisfaction of the people from the government and its rulers due to inattention of living and welfare conditions of the people in these areas”٫ he stated.

“Iraq is dealing with many complicated problems for more than three decades due to alien interferences, especially the United States and civil wars. And this issue has led many infrastructures in the country to be severely delayed. Therefore, it appears that this anger fire flaring in south of Iraq, despite passing several days and unprecedented warming in the country, is due to this issue” he added, “but the external issues that actually exacerbate this topic should not be ignored. Colonial powers, especially the United States and Britain always have views up on Iraq due to its geopolitical position as well as the abundant oil wealth”.

Yazdan Panah told SHAFAQNA “if the political groups, parties and prominent Shiite and Sunni leaders do not take care, it is possible that this country will face another dilemma after the fall of ISIL”.

“It seems that if the Iraqi government does not take the necessary steps, not only these protests will not be silenced, but may also extend to the other parts of Iraq And the situation will be out of control”, he said, “but if the government take immediate action to solve the problems and the great scholars of Shia and Sunni enter this issue, this crisis will be controlled”.


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