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Iraqi On Foot Pilgrims Visit Mashhad

SHAFAQNA – A group of Iraqi pilgrims walked the distance between Najaf and Razavi Holy Shrine in Karamat Ten Days.
According to Astan News, on the sideline of a group of Iraqi on-foot pilgrims’ visit to the Razavi Shrine, “Ahmad Shokri”, an Iraqi pilgrim who has walked the distance between Iraq and Razavi Shrine for several times, said, “It is a great success and happiness for me to come to the Razavi Shrine on-foot for the fifth time and I hope to do the same another time, after receiving success from God and call from Imam Reza (A.S.)“.
He added, “It took forty days to arrive at Mashhad. We usually come to Mashhad in Muharram and Safar months and I am very happy to be here this time on birth anniversary days of Imam Reza (A.S.)”.
Saying that Razavi Holy Shrine is considered by Muslims as a spiritual shelter, he said, “I had a very unpleasant mood when I entered into this place; however, I became totally calm after I read Hazrat Reza’s (A.S.) special prayer and his entrance permission”.
Shokri said, “Presence at Razavi Shrine is like entering a garden of paradise and I do believe that praying in this place will definitely be accepted”.
He stated, “This divine shrine provides non-Iranian pilgrims particularly Arab pilgrims with many attractive programs which are unique and I have not seen such programs in other holy shrines”.


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