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Video: A Palestinian man turned Israel’s Weapons into Message of life and Peace

SHAFAQNA – The Palestine Chronicle : A thirty-four-year-old Palestinian man in Gaza has been turning empty tear gas canisters used by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters near Gaza’s eastern border into pieces of art.

Abdul Karim Abu Ataya regularly collects 2200 empty gas canisters of  IOF soldiers near the border fence in order to transform them into decorative prayer beads and flower pots to “send a message of peace to the world.”

Abu Ataya told MEMO: “We have been participating in the Great March of Return and calling for an end to the Gaza siege. The occupation forces have been firing gas canisters at us, so I thought I’d use them to create prayer beads and flower pots.”

He also explained: “They have fired them at us to harm us, but we want to use them to send a message of life and peace.”

Despite the distraction, Gaza still resisting.

Over 140 Palestinians have been killed as a result of Israel’s heavy-handed response to unarmed protesters in Gaza. Some 15,000 have also been injured by live fire or as a result of suffocation from tear gas inhalation.

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