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SRPRI to hold 9th conf. to commemorate Molla Sadra

SHAFAQNA – The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute has called the academicians and experts to participate in its 19th conference to commemorate Molla Sadra of Shiraz. The Institute holds every year a commemoration conference for Molla Sadra of Shiraz in May 22, the National Day of Molla Sadra. This year’s theme is ‘Philosophy and Public Order.’ The Institute’s website has called all interested students and researchers, and the mass media to participate the conference. The conference will be held in May 20, Thursday, 8 AM-5PM. Registration deadline is May 8. Participation in the conference will only be possible through registration and official invitation.

All news agencies and news outlets interested in covering the conference for the public may contact Institute Public Relations office in the following telephone numbers: +98-2188153220.

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