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Araqchi: Europeans should implement mechanisms of banking and trade transactions to Iran before November 4

SHAFAQNA- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi said that according to our negotiations with Europeans, the mechanisms of the banking and trade transactions will be carried out before the next round of the sanctions comes.
“Europeans should implement mechanism of the banking and trade transactions before November 4, the time of announced US sanctions against oil and banking sectors,” Araqchi said in line with European negotiations in an exclusive interview with IRNA in UN General Assembly.
“Or at least its structure should be determined and some parts of these mechanism should start working,” he continued.
The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister added that the second round of the US restrictions against Iran will be carried out formally on November 4; but the sanctions informally have been implemented already because every countries that cannot buy Iran’s oil after November 4 have had revision about buying oil before that time.
“In fact November 4 has formal aspect and nothing special can happen on that time,” he noticed.

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