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Syrian MP: The Balance of Power will Change after Receiving S-300

SHAFAQNA- Russian Il-20 plane was downed in West Syria earlier this month and all of 15 aircrews were died. The aircraft was shot down by Syrian air defenses while they were responding to a wave of Israeli airstrikes. Russia held Tel Aviv responsible for the incident and decided to deliver S-300 defense system to the Arab country.
Syrian Member of the Parliament, Mohammad Maher Qane, told to MNA that “Russia will bolster Syria with S300 due to Israel lack of commitment to the agreed condition which was preventing airstrikes in the region.”

In addition, it must be mentioned that after the incident, Russia’s presence in Syria’s air and land forces need more supports.

“Undoubtedly, Israel didn’t expect such reactions from Russia and I believe that Tel Aviv can not response to them. Of course Israel has attempted to satisfy Russia and prevent them from delivering S-300 to Syria. But the decision was made and will never change,” he added.
The Syrian MP continued that the balance of power will change after receiving S-300 and this made Israel and its ally, US, anxious. Especially Syria and its allies will become stronger with this new defense system in fighting against terrorist and Israeli forces supporting by the US.

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