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Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi : War on Yemen religiously prohibited

SHAFAQNA – Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi, one of the highest-ranking sources of emulation in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf, described the Saudi-led attack and invasion of the impoverished Arab country of Yemen as an “illicit and illegal act.” In a message released, the India-born source of emulation, said that the war against Yemen has no excuse or justification in Islamic teachings, and emphasized that the shedding of the blood of innocents and aggression against the followers of different religions and their sanctities is a completely prohibited act in Islamic teachings. “It is absurd to tamper with the security of the Islamic world by inflicting futile wars upon Muslim people which target the region’s security, economic and social infrastructure and threaten Yemen’s human heritage with demolition,” he explained.

“All of these actions are being accomplished on behalf of other countries,” he added, referring the United States’ and Israel’s backing of Saudi Arabia in the ongoing aggression.

His Eminence advised the participants in this war to revise their positions in regard to the war they have imposed on this already suffering country. He encouraged them to put the fate of this oppressed country back in the hands of its people.
“Those who have a sense of greed and desire to control Yemen, must make the right decision in the interests of the people of this nation without favouritism,” he said

Ayatollah al-Najafi questioned the pretext for the Saudi-led war against Yemen, saying that these participant countries’ excuses and justification for the continuation of wars throughout the Islamic world have prompted a degree of uncertainty about the actions of the armed militant groups in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Algeria, and other Islamic countries.

“Terrorism has grown in the Middle East because [certain] countries offer excuses which are full of contradictions,” he added.

The revered scholar condemned the continuous destruction by Takfiri groups of markets and mosques throughout Muslim countries. Their goal to propagate a good perspective of [corrupt] politicians among Muslims are not justifiable because they are part of the Western countries’ and their agents’ crimes in the region.

Ayatollah al-Najafi invited the wise people throughout the Islamic world to discontinue the quarrels and wars against Muslims, and prayed that God Almighty rewards the Yemeni people with patience, peace and security.

“The murders of the Yemeni people must stop their killing and torture. I request the Muslims and the free people of the world to rush to the aid of Muslims of various sects in Yemen because this war has created economic ruin due to the blockade. This will lead to starvation and other disadvantages and desperation for the Yemeni people,” he expressed.

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