Date :Saturday, October 20th, 2018 | Time : 14:43 |ID: 74823 | Print

Iraq: Neutralizing ISIS operation against pilgrim’s of Imam Hussein (A)

SHAFAQNA- The Baghdad Operations Command announced that ISIS operations against the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (A) and the path to Karbala has been neutralized in the northern capital of Iraq.
The Baghdad Operations Command announced that the Iraqi security forces had succeeded in neutralizing the operations of ISIS’s terrorist elements against Imam Hussein’s pilgrimes, MNA reported.
According to the report, Iraqi forces identified the location of terrorist’s military equipment and explosives storage in al-Tarmiyah area north of Baghdad in an accurate intelligence operation.
There were a large number of communication and military equipment for ISIS operations in that storage. The terrorists hid the equipment underground, and they intended to target pilgrimes of Imam Hussein (A).
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