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75 Bahrainis athletes are still detained since 2011

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive)-75 Bahrainis athletes are still detained since 2011 Committee for the Defense of athletes detainees, said that «the number of convicts and detainees athletes who documented by their names and those who are still detained since the events of February 14, 2011 onwards, were 75 athletes in various sports».

The updated list issued by the Committee showed that there is one athlete, who is Hamad al-Fahd, sentenced to life imprisonment, while the Committee stated that «the real number of detainees athletes are larger, but this number is what we reached in accordance with the information given to us».

The Committee called for an end of targeting the athletes , as continuing complaints from parents for forcing their children to confess under duress, it is assumed that the security forces stopped targeting them; because it harms the reputation of the country and hurt sports in Bahrain. The players are the basic system for this sector. »

The Committee stressed that «the Olympic Committee should have a position; because there are players representing the national teams, such as Younes Abdulkarim, and we are in the light of these security and political atmosphere, we call to stop targeting them, we are facing the real tragic that harm the sport in Bahrain».

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