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EXCLUSIVE – Ansarallah fighters protect civilians in Sana’a

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna received confirmation this Thursday morning that killing squads composed of radical elements from within Al Islah  – Yemen’ Sunni radical faction – have targeted Zaidi Muslim families in Sana’a, Amran and Hajjah in northern Yemen, in what had been described as revenge attacks against civilians.
Several families in Sana’a were attacked on Wednesday evening. A neighbour alerted the Houthis, warning that several people had already been killed and houses raided. 
Houthis militants then engaged the killing squads and manage to safely evacuate several families.
Other reports coming from Sana’a have alleged that informants on the gournd are drawing a list of pro-Houthis and Shia Yemenis in the capital for Saudi Arabia to target.
“We know that Saudi informats have given Riyadh coordinates and information ahead of more strikes against civilians. The Saudis want to turn this invasion into a bloody sectarian war in the hope Yemenis will turn against Yemenis … We are here to protect all civilians, Sunnis and Shia,” said Ali Hashem Al Bukhaiti a Houthi fighter to Shafaqna.
Mohammed Haitham Al Shami, a former member of the Central Security Forces confirmed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood has tried to ignite tensions in the capital and other cities across Yemen in view of igniting civil strife against the Houthi leadership.”This is not working though … the people of Yemen have burned effigies of Hadi and King Salman. All are rallying behind Ansarallah. Yemenis will not allow invaders in. We will fight united.”

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