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Video: Syria’s National Museum Reopens After Six Years

SHAFAQNA- On SundaySyria’s National Museum of Damascus opened its rich trove of antiquities to visitors again, seven years after war forced it to close and months after the government recaptured all rebel areas near the capital.

According to UNESCO, Mentioned by Yaqut al-Hamwy in his Mu’jam al-Buldan, the actual area of the Arab Republic of Syria occupies a strategic place in the Ancient World, connecting the Mediterannean World with the Mesopotamia. Various indigenous dynasties, such as Emesa, flourished in Syria, and even gave to the Roman Empire a series of emperors such as Caracalla, Geta, Heliogabalus and Severus Alexander. The region witnessed the arrival of the cultures and civilizations of Ancient Egypt, the populations from Asia (Khorasan), religions of Classical and Ptolemaic Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire and Islam, all of which marked the history of the region and gave rise to different forms of the arts, religions, sites and monuments, and objects of everyday life. Syria has thus long been the home of different populations, which have moved through the region bringing their respective traditions, cultures, religions and customs with them.

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