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Twin Blasts Hit Nowruz Celebrations in Syria, Causing Heavy Casualties

SHAFAQNA – Officials in Syria confirmed on March 22 that terror militants believed to be affiliated to ISIS targeted civilians as they attended a gathering in Hasaka.

A source at the province’s Police Command told SANA – Syrian news agency –  that the bombings took place at al-Shuhadaa Square in al-Mufti residential neighborhood, claiming the lives of 37 civilians and injuring more than 96 others, most of them women and children.

“The twin bombings targeted civilian gatherings during the Nowruz celebrations, a clear sign the attack was sectarian-motivated,” said Syrian analyst Fatma Hassan from Lebanon to Shafaqna in exclusive comments.

She added, “ISIS has worked to target those it views as apostate – Shia Muslim, Kurds, Alawites … the terror group’s attack aim to prevent people from freely exercising their religious freedom and rights.”

The Syrian cabinet condemned the cowardly terrorist act that targeted innocent civilians in Hasaka city.

“These acts will only make the Syrian people, leadership and people more resolved to continue to work, fight terrorism and rebuild,” said Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi in a statement.

He said these acts seek to “kill joy in the hearts of the Syrians, bring life to a standstill and stop the process of building,” but expressed confidence that terrorism will be vanquished.

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