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Selection from Nahjul Balagha for children


Good tidings:

Allah sent Muhammad, may God

Bless him and his Household,

as a witness,

a bearer of good tidings,

and a warner.

the best of the creation as a child,

and the most chaste amongst them

as a grown up,

the purest of the pure in conduct,

and the most generous of those

who are approached for their


About Jesus:

I will tell you about Jesus,

son of Mary.

he had a stone for his pillow,

wore coarse dress,

and ate rough food.

His lamp at night was the moon,

and the earth’s vast expanse east and

west, his roof during winter.

His dessert and relish were

what grows on the earth for cattle.

His feet were his means of transport

and his two hands his servant.


By: Faiza Kaleem

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