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German Parliament debates Imam Education and Mosque Financing

SHAFAQNA- The Bundestag debated last Thursday about two applications from the Greens and Alternative for Germany (AfD) parties on the topic of Imam Education and Mosque Financing.

The Bundestag advised on late Thursday evening about the training programs of imams. A request from the Greens was first on the agenda of the parliamentary plenum.

In the application, the Federal Government is called upon to “examine, in cooperation with Islamic theologians and Muslim religious communities, how Islamic-theological and practical training programs for imams and Islamic religious officials can be established”.

The group also, calls on the Federal Government to examine “how the use and payment of imams trained in Germany and Islamic religious officials in the communities can be guaranteed independently of foreign sources of funding”.

Another proposal on the subject by the AFD Group entitled “Self-determination of religious organizations, associations and communities secure – financing by foreign, authoritarian regimes prevent was also discussed and then referred to the Committee on Home Affairs and Home.


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