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Russia warns US of confronting Iran

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned US and its allies of confronting Iran for solving problems in the Middle East.

Lavrov made the remarks on Friday while addressing a meeting which was held with the attendance of the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Riyad al-Maliki.

The current approach is dangerous since it is likely to cause conflict between Shia and Sunni, he added.

Moscow believes that regional problems will not be solved by threat and dictatorship, he noted.

Problems should be solved through negotiations, he said, adding that this is Russia’s stance for solving Palestinians’ problems with Israel.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Lavrov referred to the US withdrawal from international agreements like Iran nuclear deal and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, (INF Treaty), saying the efforts to review international agreements by some Western countries is very dangerous.

Russia is after withdrawal of any illegal forces from Syria, he added.


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