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Trump visit US troops in Iraq for first trip to a combat zone

SHAFAQNA- US President Donald Trump have made an unannounced Christmas visit to American military forces on Wednesday in Iraq, making his first trip to combat zone since being elected two years ago.

He traveled there “late on Christmas night” to thank troops for “their service, their success and their sacrifice”, the White House said.

Speaking to troops at Al Asad Air Base, Mr. Trump defended his move in Syria.

“We’re no longer the suckers, folks,” the US President said, adding, “Our presence in Syria was not open-ended, and it was never intended to be permanent. Eight years ago, we went there for three months, and we never left.”

Mr. Trump, who visited the air base with his wife, Melania, said he had rejected requests from military commanders to remain in Syria for another six months.

Mr Trump said the US had no plans to pull out of Iraq. The US still has some 5,000 troops in Iraq .

Mr. Trump told reporters that the United States might base American commandos on the border in Iraq to launch raids and other missions into Syria.

He told reporters that he had chosen Iraq for his first visit to a combat zone because “it’s a place that I’ve been talking about for many years.”

“And many, many years, before it started, I was talking about it, as a civilian,” he said, nytimes reported.


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