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Shahrestani: Nowadays Eastern and Western people have admitted to the truth and moderation of Shia

SHAFAQNA- A group of heads and professors of Iraqi universities visiting Iran, met Hojatoleslam val-Muslimin Seyyed Javad Shahrestani in Qom. 
According to Shafaqna reporter, Hojatoleslam Val-Muslimin Shahrestani talked about the duties and responsibilities of the universities. He expressed the current situation of Shia communities and explained the role of enemies and ISIS (Daesh) in fighting with Shiites.
The fully authorized representative of Ayatollah Sistani said that Speicher massacre and what happened to shrines of Imam Hussein (A.S) and other Imams are obvious signs of historical enmity of Wahabis and extermists against Shias and lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S). He emphasized that nowadays the Shiites have more responsibilities, because both Eastern and Western people have admitted to the truth and moderation of Shia and they know Twelver Shia and moderate Islam as real Islam.
He addresed to the historical command of Ayatollah Sistani which was about popular mobilization and the fight against ISIS. He considered this command important for introducing Shia and original Islam because the world has paid attention to the Shia thoughts and showed tendency toward them after this command. Also, the requests of the west for using Shia books and using comments of maraji and jurisconsults has increased.
After this meeting which was held in a friendly atmosphere, the representative of heads and professors of Iraqi universities expressed its satisfaction about their travel to Qom, the spiritual capital of Shia Islam. They thanked Hojatoleslam Val-Muslimin Shahrestani for his hospitality. Then, they talked about the conditions and actions of the Iraqi universities and the relationship with the neighboring countries and the world, especially Iran and they gave a brief report.

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