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Brian Dooley: Bahrain Medics Still in Prison

SHAFAQNA – Four years ago today, consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ali Alekri was arrested by Bahraini soldiers. He told me they came for him while he was in the operating theater operating on a child. He was the first of over 70 medical professionals detained in Bahrain after treating injured protestors and telling international media about the wounds of civilians sustained during a government crackdown following largescale protests for democracy. 

Dr. Alekri was tried with 19 other medics in a military court. He told Human Rights First he was tortured into confessing to crimes he hadn’t committed. So did many of those tried with him.
Human Rights First attended his appeal in a civilian court, where the judge refused to consider evidence of his torture (link here 

Nine medics in the trial were eventually acquitted. Others have served their sentences, but Dr. Alekri and nurse Ibrahim Demastani remain in prison.

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