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82 Memorizers Attend Albania Quran Contest


SHAFAQNA- A Quran competition was held in Albania’s capital of Tirana with the participation of 82 Quran memorizers.

The contest was organized by al-Furqan Quranic Society of Albania in cooperation with the World Association of Quran Memorization, the HQMI website reported.

Memorization of the entire Quran, 10, 5, and 2 Juzes (parts) of the Quran and the last Juz of the Quran were the five categories of the competition.

It was held in two separate sections for men and women.

The awarding ceremony was attended by number of Quranic, religious and political figures as well as people interested in Quranic activities.

Speakers at the ceremony underlined the status of the Holy Quran in Islamic societies.

They also hailed the efforts made by the World Association of Quran Memorization to serve the Holy Book and support Quran memorizers.

Albania is a country on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula.

According to 2011 census, some 60 percent of Albania’s population adheres to Islam, making it the largest religion in the country.

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