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Barham Salih re-opens Baghdad Telecommunications Tower

SHAFAQNAPresident Barham Salih officially re-opens the Baghdad Telecommunications Tower.

President Barham Salih asserted “the opening of the Baghdad Tower is a message to our people and all our citizens that Iraq is on its way to progress, and that Baghdad will return bright, prosperous, stable and the capital of peace.”

The President said in a speech during His Excellency’s opening of Baghdad Tower amid an official ceremony, “this achievement may be modest in other countries and cities, but in the context of what Baghdad had been exposed to violations by terrorists, war and embargo. After more than fifteen years of closure of this tower, its reconstruction and opening to citizens as well as the opening of the Green Zone and the removal of concrete barriers, marks a new phase of interest in Baghdad and restore normal life to it”.

President Salih commended the great efforts made by the Ministry of Communications to rebuild and open the tower after it was severely damaged by the war and the conditions of violence faced by the country, IRAQI PRESIDENCY reported.

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