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Islam to Me is The Most Simplest Way to Worship God


Converting to Islam Interview


1st Answer: My name is Miguel Gonzalez, I was born in the United States, both of my parents are Mexican and right now I am studying to be a graphic designer.


2nd Answer: So growing up Catholic, of course there’s the Trinity, and when I was a kid that was about it, but also there were saints that came along which I also prayed to. As a child I was like ok, I mean no big thinking (didn’t thought much of it), but as I grew older, more and more saints were added which I had to pray to also, and at that point that was where I was like, nope not anymore.


3rd Answer: To pray to God is to feel closer and be assured that everything is going to be ok despite all of the difficulties that the world might go through. It is a hope that everything will be alright despite many difficulties (whether physically, emotionally or spiritually)


4th Answer: Actually my friends still don’t know but only a few, and they are ok with it but the atmosphere has changed since I became Muslim, they’re still respectful about it but they have noticed the changes in me like not eating pork anymore or drinking which I’ve never drank(alcohol) in the first place. As time passed we started hanging out less and less and it was obviously why.


5th Answer: Oh yeah definitely it is, Islam to me is the most simplest way to worship God. there is no high rituals that we have to do I mean even helping the poor and even smiling can be worship


6th Answer: There is a verse in the Quran that says “Do you not see the nature, how everything works” (referring to Quran 16:12) that verse stood out to me because everyday people take things for granted like hearing, seeing, speaking, people don’t think too much until something bad happens and so these little things are a miracle to us (that people don’t realize until it’s too late) and for example even the universe, I mean, out of all planets in the solar system, the galaxies, we might be the only ones who are living out here.


7th Answer: What I think about him, that he was a great man, great leader(preacher) and the way he revolutionized his people’s way of thinking from the time of ignorance, to change that in a short time I don’t think other people could do that in a lifetime. It might take a couple of centuries for people to change their minds ,but the prophet(peace be upon him) did it in two decades.


8th Answer: Definitely so, especially somebody who is a big celebrity or someone with a big following on social media. There is a responsibility because the fans will essentially follow you not only in what you do but in what you think. If they do good than the fans will also do good, and if they do bad actions than the fans will also react to it – oh they’re doing it why can’t I do it as well. So yeah definitely a big responsibility for Muslims who act the way they act towards other people(especially that were in the media now more than ever)

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