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Sochi summit: the common goal is consolidation of a democratic government in Syria

SHAFAQNA- The trilateral Iran-Russia-Turkey summit held on Thursday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, to investigate developments in Syria.

“Terrorists should not feel secure not only in Syria but also anywhere on earth,” President Rouhani said in an address to the summit attended by Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents in Sochi, Russia, on Thursday.

He said international community should confront the willful act of the Zionist regime of Israel in invading Syria.

President Rouhani also referred to the five key pivots for restoration of security and stability to Syria and said continued campaign against all terrorist groups in the country is necessary until their eradication.

“Syria-Syria talks aiming to establish durable peace in Syria should continue without foreign intervention and independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and non-intervention in Syria’s internal affairs should be respected under all conditions,” the Iranian president stressed.

He invited international community to help Syrian people in terms of repatriation of refugees and reconstruction of the country.

Presence of foreign forces, including Americans who are present in the country without permission of the legal government of Syria, should end as soon as possible, he added.

Rouhani said “Zionist regime’s willful measures in invading Syria are a move to endanger peace and international security”.

A joint plan to wipe out “a hotbed of terrorists” in Syria’s Idlib 

According to reuters, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkey and Iran on Thursday he wanted them to devise a joint plan to wipe out what he called “a hotbed of terrorists” in Syria’s Idlib region, an idea Moscow has so far tried and failed to sell to Ankara.

Hopes for a political resolution to the conflict in Syria have never been stronger, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said, following a Syria summit with his Iranian and Russian counterparts on Thursday.

A joint statement issued at the end of Sochi

In a joint statement issued at the end of Sochi Summit, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President of the Russian Federation and the President of the Republic of Turkey emphasized strong and continued commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as well as to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

The final statement underlined that US decision on the withdrawal of its forces from Syria, if implemented, would be a step that would help strengthen stability and security in the country in compliance with the above-mentioned principles.

The participants agreed to coordinate their activities to ensure security, safety and stability in this area including through existing agreements, while respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

The final statement emphasized that there could be no military solution to the Syrian conflict and that it could only be resolved through the Syrian-led and Syrian-owned, UN-facilitated political process in line with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

They called upon the international community, particularly the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies, to increase their assistance to Syria by providing additional humanitarian aid, restoring humanitarian infrastructure assets, including water and power supply facilities, schools and hospitals.

The participants condemned the recent terrorist attack in Iran (Sistan-Balouchestan Province).

The final statement Highlighted the importance of creating conditions for the safe and voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their original places of residence in Syria.

The participants Decided to hold the next Tripartite Summit in the Republic of Turkey upon the invitation of President of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Fighting terrorism, restoring Syria security are common goals

Presidential website quotes Rouhani as telling reporters at the end of Sochi Summit that the tripartite meeting was very helpful and explicit.

Thanking Russia for hospitality, he said the fourth summit was within framework of Astana process and the common goal of Iran, Russia and Turkey is stern campaign against terrorism, restoration of stability and security to Syria, compilation of new constitution and consolidation of a democratic government in the country, return of refugees and reconstruction of Syria.

He added that the summit emphasized campaign against terrorism in the remaining regions in Syria, including Idlib.

The Iranian president went on to say that all fully agreed that de-escalation of tension and presence of peace-guaranting forces in the region is temporary and Idlib is part of Syria and should be cleansed and terrorists under any name and title should leave the country.

Rouhani also emphasized that Syria territorial integrity, Syrian Kurds’ rights, terrorism annihilation and Turkey security should be taken into consideration, adding that illegal intervention by Zionist regime in Syria is source of concern for Syrian and other regional nations.

US must end Syria occupation

Sochi also hosted a meeting among Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri as well as Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“The United States must end [its] occupation of Syria,” Baqeri asserted during the meeting with his Turkish and Russian counterparts , press tv reported.

The Sochi meeting is the fourth meeting of the three presidents to launch joint campaign against regional terrorism and restore calm and return of Syrian refugees to home land as well as establishment of political stability in the war-torn nation. The previous summit with participation of the three Syria peace guarantors was held in Sochi more than a year ago.

Dueling Middle East conferences unfolded in Poland and Russia on Thursday, highlighting the competition for influence and the hardening of geopolitical blocs confronting each other over the volatile region, independent mentioned. ‘It’s like before World War I’, US and Russia are battling for Middle East influence at rival summits.


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