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Spain’s ancient artifacts to be exhibited in Iran

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: A collection of treasures of Spain’s ancient artifacts will be displayed at the National Museum of Tehran by the Alicante Archaeological Museum in eastern Spain .

The Alicante Archaeological Museum is preparing a large exhibit with about 300 pieces of ancient objects to display in Iran between September 2019 and March 2020, IRNA reported.

The director of the Alicante Archeological Museum, Jose Alberto Cortés, said the exhibition was agreed with the Iranian government, named “Alicante, the Treasures of the Archaeological Museum”.

He argued that an Iranian exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday February 14 with 195 pieces of the most valuable and historic works of the Iranian Museum, including 20 pieces of gold, a replica of the inscriptions of the soldiers of the Darius-I period, along with two statues in the Alicante Museum of Archeology.

‘This is an adventure and an ambitious challenge to an international cultural cooperation project that will help develop an archaeological museum outside of our borders,’ Cortés said.

The Alicante Archaeological Museum, selected in 2004 as the best museum in Europe, will transfer about 300 pieces of prehistoric times to the modern era (the nineteenth century).


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