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Iran-Iraq issued joint statement on strategic cooperation

SHAFAQNA- The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq issued a joint statement and hailed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s historic three-day visit to Iraq as a “turning point” in efforts to strengthen “strategic” cooperation between the two countries in all areas of interest.

In the statement that was issued during the official visit of President Hassan Rouhani to Iraq, warm welcoming of Dr Rouhani by Iraq was described as the indicator of the depth of close relations between the two countries in all fields of mutual interest.

“Iraq stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country that helped Iraq for fighting terrorism with its logistic and consulting assistance and stood by the country in the fight against terrorism, and appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stance in helping Iraq,” the statement read.

In another part of the statement, it read, “The two sides held important dialogues in a brotherly, friendly and constructive atmosphere and expressed their willingness to develop political, security, economic, health, trade, cultural, scientific and technological fields”.

“The two sides also discussed a number of regional issues, common challenges, fighting terrorism, cooperation for strengthening security and stability in the region and establishing economic cooperation that are to the benefit of regional interests and welfare of the peoples of the region”.

It also read, “The two sides also stressed their firm resolve to combat terrorism and organised transnational crimes that pose threats to security and peace of the region”.

The statement continued, “The two sides also discussed issues of interest and signed memoranda of understanding in oil, trade, health, rail transportation between Shalamcheh and Basra, as well as issuing visas for tradespeople and investors of the two countries”.

The statement also read, “The two sides agreed that tourism, pilgrimage and commerce visas will be free of charge for the citizens of both countries starting from April 1, 2019″, Official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran reported.

Iran and Iraq further emphasized that the 1975 Algiers Agreement and its attached protocols should be carefully implemented with goodwill and agreed to start joint operation to dredge Arvand Roud as soon as possible.

The 1975 Algiers Agreement (commonly known as the Algiers Accord, sometimes as the Algiers Declaration) was an agreement between Iran and Iraq to settle their border disputes and conflicts (such as the Shatt al-Arab, known as Arvand Roud in Iran), and it served as basis for the bilateral treaties signed on June 13, 1975, press tv told.

Iran and Iraq discussed skilled workers exchange, health, medical, pharmaceutical cooperation as well as ease of registering pharmaceutical companies in both countries,” according to the text.

The Iraqi officials also welcomed Iranian investors and companies that want to take up projects in the country and urged that Iran prepare the same situation for Iraqi firms that want to operate in the country.

The statement also thanks Iraqi authorities for clearly stating that they won’t support sanctions against Iran, Iranpress reported.


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