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Does bad omen day exist?

SHAFAQNA – One of the companions of Imam Hadi (AS) narrated: I went to see Imam (AS) and whilst on my way to see him I injured my finger and shoulder and my clothes were torn when I was caught in a crowd. I considered that day as a day of bad omen and said: O’ bad day, may God protect me from you, what a bad omen day. Imam Hadi (AS) heard me and said: You have connection with us and talk like this, the day has no fault, why do you consider it as guilty? I realized what I said and said: My Imam, I ask forgiveness from God. Imam Hadi (AS) said: When the consequence of your deeds catches up with you, what is the fault of days that you consider them as bad omens? Go and do not commit sins, and do not think that days have any effect in God’s decrees [1].

[1] Tohaful Oqool, PP 500-501.

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