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What are the characteristics of the wise person?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Sadeq (AS) narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: A wise person has four characteristics; firstly does not disappoint other people from Divine Mercy. Secondly, does not make others feel secure from Divine Punishment. Thirdly, does not provide opportunity for others to commit sins. And fourthly, does not avoid the Quran because of the hatred of it and having tendency to anything apart from that [1]. In another narration, Imam Ali (AS) said: It is appropriate that the wise person avoids drunkenness of wealth, power, knowledge, praise, and youth, because each one has bad winds attached to it which destroy the wisdom and reduce dignity and awe [2].

[1] Safi dar Sharhe Kafi, Tahleel-e-Qazwini, Vol. 1, Page 309.

[2] Tasnif Qorarul Hekam wa Dorarul Kalam, Page 66.

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