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Overcrowded ferry drowned over 70 people in Iraq

SHAFAQNA- Tehran Times: According to Iraqi authorities, when an overcrowded ferry capsized and sank in northern Iraq near the city of Mosul, over 70 people drowned. Rescuers were still working to retrieve survivors from the Tigris River.

“It’s a disaster, no one expected that,” said a young man who managed to swim to the shore.

Officials fear that the death toll could rise. Most of the victims were women and children who could not swim. At least 55 people were rescued but many remain missing, according to the Interior Ministry.

“The capacity of the boat was 50 people, but it sank because the number of people aboard reached around 200,” Iraqi lawmaker Abdel-Rehim al-Shamari said. Other sources later said it was not clear how many people were on board.

The vessel carried several families who were celebrating Nowruz, the Kurdish New Year, which is traditionally marked by going for a picnic on the 21 of March. They were taking the ferry boat across the river to reach a popular picnic area.

Heavy rain in recent days had caused the water levels on the Tigris to rise.


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