9 killed in gang fight in Texas

SHAFAQNA – A fight between rival motorcycle gangs turned deadly Sunday at a restaurant in the U.S. state of Texas as nine people were killed and 18 others wounded, local media outlets reported.

The brawl broke out at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco in central Texas shortly after noon, KWTX TV reported. At least three motorcycle gangs were involved in a gathering, trying to sort out some differences.

The initial fight began in a restroom and spilled into a parking lot outside. Chaos quickly escalated from punches and kicks to the use of chains, clubs and knives, then to firearms.

Gang members shot at each other and briefly exchanged fire with police in the parking lot, officials said.

Eight people were killed at the scene and a ninth died in hospital. Eighteen others were taken to hospital with gunshot or knife wounds, or both. No civilians or officers were hurt in the incident.

The area was cordoned off and police warned weekend-goers against going there.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as chaotic and bloody. A few patrons and some employees at the restaurant locked themselves in a freezer to escape the fight.

Police reportedly recovered more than 100 weapons from the scene, where there were several vehicles with bullet holes in them.

The fight was somewhat expected as police were deployed outside the restaurant after being informed of the gathering. Officials said the trouble had been brewing up, citing a previous fight that erupted between two local motorcycle gangs some weeks ago.

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