9 year old girls who are not able to fast/the Grand Ayatollah Safi’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Safi answered a question about adult girls who are not able to fast.

Question: The adult age for woman has been mentioned as 9 years in Resalahs and it becomes Wajeb for her to perform religious duties, while the girl is so small that if she fasts she will get ill and perhaps will not be able to fast and has no other sign of adulthood, what can she do?

The Grand Ayatollah Safi: The adult age for girls are 9 complete lunar years and at the same time the condition for being eligible to perform religious duty is that she has the strength to perform her religious duties, the one who has the strength must perform (the religious duties) and the one who has not the strength, need not to perform those duties; for example, if she has no strength to fast must not fast and whenever is able can fast for those lost days but other religious duties that she is able to do like Salaat, Hijab and similar ones must be carried out.


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