900 Quranic Packages for Visually Impaired Distributed in Indonesia

SHAFAQNA – A Qatari charity institute has distributed 900 Quranic packages among the visually impaired in different parts of Indonesia.

The visually impaired in the Central Java Island and Lampung Province in Sumatra Island have received the Quranic gifts.

Each of the packages includes a digital Quran copy in Braille and a collection of the interpretation of the entire Quran called “Baseerat”.

The charity institute also plans to distribute 1100 copies of the Quran interpretation in other cities of Indonesia in the holy month of Ramadan and the month of Shawwal (July and August).

Ms. Tarini, director of an institute for the blind in Indonesia, said that the plan provides a valuable opportunity for this group of people to get more acquainted with the Holy Quran.

They can select any of the Surahs (chapters) of the Quran and listen to its recitations by different Qaris as well as the interpretation of the Surah.

A Malaysian company has cooperated with the Qatari charity institute to prepare the packages aiming to facilitate Quran reading and contemplation on the Quranic verses for the blind.

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