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The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani’s answer to a claim by Bahais that Bahaism has come to complete Islam

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani answered a question about Bahaism.

Question: Some of the members of Bahai sect say that Bahaism has come to complete Islam; what is your opinion in this regard?

The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani: The religion of Islam is the seal of religions, and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is the seal of prophets, and the Quran is the seal of books. Bahaism is not a religion, rather it is a political ideology with colour of the religion, and was established first by Russian government and then the British government developed it, and now is controlled by the USA. And basically has nothing new to complete Islam with it, and has nothing to say in order to complement any religion, and there is no defect in Islam which is waiting to be completed. In this case refer to rejection books such as “Bahai che Migoyad (What does Bahai say)”, or “Payam-e-Pedar (the message of Father).”


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