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Ahlul Bayt a.s

SHAFAQNA-Our friends in our silent room
Your footprints seen by our hearts
As you sit with us as we cry to you
Hearing our pain
And soothing our breast. But our worries are insignificant
Our trial little.
Your pain however
Is the pain of a little bird
Clawed to death by a rottweiler
You were innocent,
Singing to humanity
But the dog came and
Destroyed you
Ending the chirping of your
Two sons
As they hummed
A mournful lullaby
On your demise.
Your sweet daughter
Was pounced upon by a cunning fox
And she was killed before the world
Heard her song
Before the tune was played
Or settled in the ears of her followers.
And what of your sidekick?
Your partner, and defender
The brave eagle
Who soared above
Protecting your flight,
Well they came while it was sleeping
Massacaring him before he woke up
And he remained that way for three days
His strength seeping slowly
As he yearned to join you.
Indeed your family, Oh beloved of Allah
It was slaughtered into pieces.
As shocking as blood
On fresh white snow.
An innocent dove!
Killed as it dropped
The leaf in its mouth
By the claw of a jaguar
Jealous of its honour.


Written by Sister Fiddha

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