After the 9/11, the curiosity of many Americans to know more about Islam has led them to embrace the faith

SHAFAQNA- After the 9/11, the curiosity of many Americans to know more about Islam has led them to embrace the faith.

Johannah Segarich was a college Music professor when the attacks of September 11, 2001 happened. She was so horrified by the destruction and loss of life that she asked herself: “What kind of religion is this that could inspire people to do this?”

She decided to study Islam as she was very curious to learn about this religion. In just a few months later, she decided to recite the Kalimah Shahadah (Islamic testimony of faith) and embraced Islam.


Johannah did not know much about Islam even though she had learned quite a bit about other religions. All she heard about Islam is that it was a male dominated and violent religion, so she bought a copy of the Quran to find out for herself.

She read the first chapter Al Fatihah, “In the name of God, The Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. All Praise is due to God, The Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. You alone We worship, You alone we ask for help, Show us the straight path, the path of those who have earned your favor”. She finished all chapters in a few weeks, then started reading from the beginning again. She said that about half way through, she “came to the realization, that she had a decision to make.”

She began studying Islam more intensely, and within a few months, she took the shahadah (Muslim declaration of faith) at the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge.

“It seemed kind of crazy to do. I was a middle-aged professional woman, very independent, very contemporary, and here I was turning to this religion, which at that point was so reviled,” Johannah recalls.

Besides Segarich, Angela Collins Telles decided to embrace Islam after seeing the anti-Muslim frenzy grew after the 9/11. Telles told that when she saw some of her country’s people think Muslims as terrorists and oppressors of women she felt a need to defend Muslims. At this point, Telles began studying Islam to get a better understanding of the faith. After an in-depth study, she decided to become a Muslim.

“I knew that I had found God, and that”s all I ever wanted.” she said and continued; “The concept of God was the most beautiful thing, and that concept fit with what I believe,” she said.

Collins Telles now lives in Brazil with her husband, who also embraced Islam after meeting her.

Chicagoan Kelly Kaufmann had a similar experience when she had to defend Muslims against accusations of being anti-peace. Kaufmann decided to study Islam and became a Muslim.


Trisha Squires was also another Muslim convert who studied on Islam after 9/11.


Observers estimate that as many as 20,000 Americans convert to Islam annually.


According to experts, the majority of post-9/11 converts are women.


Source: Huffington Post,

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