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A British halal food festival is coming to Birmingham


The British Halal Food Festival will have up to 50 stalls showcasing a range of international food – from the Mediterranean to the Far East.

It will also include a family chill out zone, chilli eating competition and a mini bake-off competition hosted by Birmingham British Bake Off finalist Ali Imdad.

According to the festival website, Brummies will be able to enjoy fast food such as pizzas and burgers, as well as more unusual dishes such as Greek mezedes, and a Québec-style poutine, a dish of cheesy fries.

Abdul Ahad, the founder of the festival, said: “Guests will have the opportunity to try the biggest variety of halal food that has ever been offered anywhere in the UK.

“The halal industry itself is growing massively and we are bringing the street foods from around the world in one place. We’ve partnered with HMC to bring you the most reliably halal food in the country.

“HMC – Halal Monitoring Committee – is a food regulatory body that gives its stamp of approval to foods that are strictly halal. A lot of Muslims only trust HMC approved food so that is why we partnered with them.

“But of course everyone is welcome – whether they are Muslim or not.”

Explaining his inspiration behind putting on the festival, Mr Ahad said: “There are not that many options to eat halal food that is different and exciting compared to the usual options – burgers and Indian food.  I thought it would be great to offer a lot choicer.”

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