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Saudi Arabian forces kill 8 Shia activists in Eastern Province +Videos

SHAFAQNA- Saudi Araba’s State Security Directorate confirms the killing of at least eight Shia activists on Tarout Island, in the eastern Qaitf region.

The eight men were killed on Saturday May 10, during a raid by Saudi security forces on a residential building Sanabis neighborhood. The raid on Sanabis neighborhood took place in the early days of the holy month of Ramadan and caused panic among the local residents. Saudi forces then cordoned off the district and began shooting at residential buildings, creating columns of smoke blowing into sky.

A spokesman to the Saudi State Security has claimed “eight terrorists were shot dead after they refused to surrender and opened fire at the security troops.” According to the spokesman, Saudi troops were looking for activists who have been organizing and attending anti-regime protesters in the oil-rich region. No one injured in the operation that lasted 12 hours.

This is the second major operation by Saudi forces in Qatif region in as many months. Two people were killed and two arrested in another operation that took place in Qatif Province on April 8. The State Security Directorate claims they were fugitives who were planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province- which includes Qatif region- has been the scene of anti-regime protests since 2011. Dozens have been killed and hundreds were thrown behind bars for attending protests.

The Shia community makes up at least 15 percent of the kingdom’s 32 population. They have been complaining about decades-long discrimination and persecution of Shia religious figures and activists by Al Saud regime.


Sources: Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Aljazeera. Videos originally published by Shafaqna Farsi.


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