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Bahrain accuses senior Shia cleric of conforming with terrorism

SHAFAQNABahrain’s Interior Ministry in a statement on May 11 accused top Shia marja’a Ayatollah Seyed Abdullah al-Quraifi of acting in conformity with terrorists.

In its statement, the Bahraini regime alleged that Ayatollah al-Quraifi not only failed to condemn acts of terrorism during his sermons but also supported terrorism suspects.

The Bahraini Interior Ministry has claimed the alleged acts of terrorism have so far left 22 security forces dead and about four thousands of them injured. The statement reiterated that dissident voices who justify violations of law and do not respect national interests or national identity have no place in the future of Bahrain. It added all should take their responsibility by playing their role and support efforts to boost stability in the Persian Gulf Arab sheikhdom.

The statement by Bahrain’s Interior Ministry has fallen short of announcing any decision regarding Ayatollah Abdullah al-Quraifi.


Sources: Anadolu Agency, Bahrain News Agency (BNA)


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