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Ayatollah Sistani’s rep. calls for expansion of brotherhood among Muslims +Photos

SHAFAQNA- The official representative of Shia marja’a Ayatollah Seyed Ali al-Sistani who is in Croatia’s capital Zagreb has said that enemies are trying to activate fault lines within Muslim societies and spread hatred, vengeance and fratricide among them.

According to Shafaqna, Seyed Javad Shahrestani during a meeting with the head of the Islamic Community in Croatia, said we have to expand insight, wisdom, friendship and brotherly bonds inside Islamic nations.

Shahrestani added that enemies always invest on differences among people and took Iraq as an example where the hegemonic powers could fulfill their wicked plots through ISIS (Daesh) terrorists who killed Shias, Sunnis and took Yazidi women and girls as slaves.

The Shia cleric indicated Grand Ayatollah Sistani had a major role in thwarting terrorists’ sedition, managed to end that horrible conflict and his strategic policies could strengthen unity among various Iraqi sects and religions.

Sharestani praised Sunni clerics and scholars for accompanying Ayatollah Sistani in his efforts and playing their historic role, concluding that all those efforts led to the current security, which the Iraqi people are living in.

Ayatollah Sistani’s envoy warned that enemies still wait and plan for their return and we could resist the enemies’ plots with cooperation and unity.

Ayatollah Sistani's envoy meets with Croatia's mufti

Croatia’s Mufti Aziz Hasanovic for his part said ISIS’ main objective was to eradicate Islam. He urged all Shia and Sunni Muslims to join hands and fix the tarnished image of Islam.

Aziz Hasanovic condemned the hatred and intolerance propagated by some ignorant Sunni clerics against Shia Muslims. He praised Grand Ayatollah Sistani for being a political figure beyond any religion whose advice could lead to victories for all Muslims of the world.

Coratia’s reis al-ulema expressed his satisfaction that ISIS was defeated in Iraq, adding that Croatians are proud that not even a single man from their country joined the terror group.


This text originally published by Shafaqna Farsi and translated by Shafaqna English.


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