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Invitation to the Party of Allah (SWT)


Amir al-Muminin Imam Ali (PBUH) narrates that one day the Prophet (PBUH&HP) read such sermon:


O’ people the month of Allah has turned to you with blessings, mercy, and forgiveness; a month that its days are the best days, and its nights are the most valuable nights, and its moments are the most precious moments. Ramadan is the month that you have been invited to be the guest of Allah almighty, and in that month you have become closer to Allah. In this month your breath has the reward of remembering Allah, and your sleep has the reward of worshipping, your deeds are accepted and your prayers and wishes are answered. Therefore call upon Him with pure heart and intention so He may help you on fasting and reciting Quran, miserable are those whom do not take advantage of this month and miss His forgiveness.

By being hungry and thirsty in this month remind hunger and thirst of yourself on the resurrection day. Give charity to the poor and needy people. Respect elders and be kind to children. Keep your tongue to yourself and hesitate from the things that should not be said. Lower you gaze from unlawful views, cover your ears from the things that should not be heard. Be kind to the orphans so that people be kind to your orphans. Repent to Allah and hold your hands up while praying high because those moments are the best moments of all. In those moments Allah looks upon his servants with mercy, answers their prayers; He helps them whenever they ask for His help, and make their wishes come true every time they ask for something.Â

O people! Know that your lives are depended to your deeds; then seek for forgiveness and set your lives free; your back is bent because of your sinful actions; therefore by your long prostration reduce your sins, and be sure that Allah has promised that He will not torture nor scare the worshipers from the hell fire in the resurrection day.

 Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH)then stood up and asked: O’ the Prophet of Allah, what is the best of deeds in this month?

The Great Prophet (PBUH&HP) said: O’ the father of Hassan, the best of deeds in this month is to keep away from forbidden things.Â


(Selected from : Oyoon Akhbar al-Reda part 28, 53rd hadith, and Iqbal al-‘amal p. 2 )

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