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Razavi shrine to hold daily Quran recitation ceremonies during Ramadan

SHAFAQNA- Aqr: Hoj. Mahdi Shoja, Head of Astan Quds Razavi’s Office of Quran Sciences, has announced that during the holy month of Ramadan they are going to hold seven daily Quran reading ceremonies in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine. 

Office of Quran Sciences has programmed seven separate Quranic circles in Ramadan days to provide pilgrims and citizens of Mashhad with an opportunity to enjoy more blessings from such circles. These programs have been organized for different times of the day so that people can take part whenever they wish.

Shoja added that these Quran recitation ceremonies are broadcast live via Razavi Khorasan and Ofogh channels, adding, the first program is held half an hour after Mashhad’ morning Azan in Enghelab Islami courtyard and the second from 11 am up to 12 am in Imam Khomeini Grand Portico.

Shoja further noted, the third Quran recitation ceremony of the Razavi holy shrine is held everyday from 6 pm up to 7 pm at Maqsurah veranda of the Goharshad Mosque. Hazrat Zahra Portico and Quran house of Razavi shrine will also provide the same opportunity for women pilgrims and citizens every day from 09:45 up to 12:15 in Razavi Shrine. Also, these programs are held in Ghadir Portico from 6 pm up to 7 pm and in Dar al-Marhamah Portico from 9 am to 10 am.

A Quran recitation ceremony known as “God’s Party” is another gathering which has been organized for teens at the Shrine. This ceremony is held everyday from 6 pm to 7:15 pm at Quran house of the Razavi shrine.

Concluding his remarks, Shoja described Mashhad as a hub for Quran reciters and memorizers and said, all such ceremonies will be held with the participation of international Quran activists.

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