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Bahrain court denies rights defender non-custodial sentence

SHAFAQNA- A court in the Persian Gulf Sheikhdom of Bahrain refused to give non-custodial sentence to Shia political prisoner Nabeel Rajab last week.

Rajab’s lawyer has told the media that his motion requesting the court to apply a new law in Rajab’s case has been dismissed. Based on a new legislation introduced last year, courts are allowed to change jail terms into non-custodial sentences.

A prominent political figure and chairman of Bahrain’s Center for Human Right, Nabeel Rajab has been serving a seven-year term in prison since 2016. He was handed down two-year term for publicly criticizing the Al Khalifa ruling regime. A second court found him guilty in a separate case and condemned him to an additional five-year jail term.

The new criminal case opened against Nabeel Rajab on charges of spreading false news in time of war and insulting foreign countries after he criticized Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen on social media platforms. Rajab also angered Bahrain’s Interior Ministry when he wrote that the State Security Directorate has turned into breeding ground for extremist militants.

As a member of the country’s Shia majority, Nabeel Rajab is one of the organizers of anti-regime demonstrations in Bahrain in 2011. Bahrain’s Shia community has been demonstrating against the Saudi-backed regime ever since, seeking democracy and the rule of law.

Sources: Reuters, TRT World


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