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German University conducts massive research project on religion, politics

SHAFAQNA- The University of Munster (WWU), in the German city of Munster is carrying out a massive research campaign called “The Cluster of Excellence, Religion and Politics”.

According to Shafaqna, The research is investigating into the dynamics of tradition and innovation and the complex relationship between religion and politics across different periods and cultures.

At least 140 researcher from 10 countries that are experts in 20 branches of the humanities and social sciences attend the study, which is in the making since 2007.

The study network is believed to be the biggest of its kind in Germany and up to 31 million euros has been allocated to fund the project from 2019 to 2025.

The investigation has focused its attention on the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Researchers attending the program also work on a vast spectrum from Catholic, protestant, Orthodox and Islamic theology to Jewish studies, psychology, philosophy, art history, Arabic and Islamic studies archaeology, Egyptology and Byzantine studies.

They are supposed to analyze the conditions and factors that make religion an engine of political and social changes through various epochs and cultures. The focus of interest however is mainly on Europe and the Mediterranean region as well as the Middle East, North and Latin America and the African continent.

The University of Munster (WWU) is a renown German center for interdisciplinary research on religions and cultures. The university is establishing a Campus of Religions in 2023. The new campus is expected to bring together Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Islamic theology.

Source: Munster University Offocial website

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